Mutual Aid for Our Neighbors in Mt Lebanon and Dormont

About Neighborhood Aid

Who’s Behind

The municipality of Mt. Lebanon and the Borough of Dormont and nonprofits in both communities have come together to address the unprecedented need created in our communities by the COVID-19 health crisis. Neighborhood Aid is the result of that collaboration and an attempt to aid residents of our communities with essential services like grocery shopping and pickup, prescription pickup and delivery, and other essential services.

COVID-19 has forced the alteration of hours or closure for many businesses across our communities and residents are unsure which businesses and services are still available. Stay at home orders from our Governor and other state agencies has resulted in some residents being unable to make trips to stores to purchase the items they need during this tough time.

Neighborhood Aid attempts to address these issues by informing the public and encouraging people to stay safe at home while still accessing important businesses and services.

Is this an Official Mt. Lebanon / Dormont Website?

Yes. This website is a collaboration between the municipalities of Mt Lebanon, Dormont, and several area nonprofits.

How Can I Help?

Volunteer to assist residents with simple tasks like grocery shopping and prescription pickups. You can offer help by visiting our OFFER HELP page.

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